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Over the last five years, the working culture has rapidly evolved, and remote working has become a norm in many organizations. With hundreds of remote working blogs available on the Internet, Remoticle’s ultimate goal is to become the #1 resource for remote working.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that we will be starting publishing some of the best articles to help traditional organizations to adapt to remote working culture and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Since the remote workforce is a crucial part of any successful organization today, we feel this is the best time to start a blog that can offer the best content in the industry.


Who are “we”?

Hi, my name is Naven Pillai, and I’m the founder of Remotejobs.asia, Asia’s #1 remotejobs curation site.

Along with my team, we have been working on various authority sites which I won’t be able to reveal now.

Yes, we know a little about developing sites with valuable information and insights.


What does this site mean to people?

The common 40+ working hours still exist in any organization, but more and more companies are moving towards remote working culture. While remote work trend is not suitable for every business, it does suit the majority of tech-based companies.

To support the growing trends of remote work, there are many job boards around the Internet. These include WeWorkRemotely, RemoteOk.io, Remote.co, and many more which actively posting remote jobs from customer service to software development.

So, we want to help people and also companies to understand the importance and benefits of remote working through this blog.


What’s coming next?

We are just getting started.

We would love to build a strong community around this blog.

Let’s build the best remote working resources blog.


Naven Pillai
CEO of Remoticle

Naven Pillai

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